Just what is the Norman F. Richards and Bedford Fire Department Scholarship Fund?

Norman F. Richards was an active volunteer member of the Bedford
Fire Department. He was one of many individuals who perished in a
tragic airplane crash when landing at Boston's Logan airport
July 31st, 1973.

His widow, Mrs. Vivian Richards, now Mrs. George Angelopoulos,
desired to perpetuate his name and she provided "seed" money to
establish a scholarship fund in memory of her late husband. Thus,
this Scholarship Fund was established in 1974.

The Fire Department has been fortunate to annually award scholar-
ship monies to Bedford high school seniors who wish to further their
education. Since the creation of the Scholarship Fund, $100,000 has
been awarded to Bedford students. Monies to fund these scholarships is now
obtained thru fundraisers and the sale of tickets to the
 Department's Firemen's Ball held annually each May.

The present members comprising the Scholarship Committee are
Thomas Green, Brian Hoffman, Earl Isham, Dan Murphy and
Richard Pollock.



Bedford Fire Department, 55 Constitution Drive, Bedford , NH 03110